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The IES SALC Committee
There are over 60 members on the IES Street and Area Lighting Committee (SALC). Most are members of the IES but one does not have to be an IES member to be a committee member of SALC.

The SALC plans the educational courses, seminar program offerings and networking events for the conference. The committee selects the city location of the conference based on a rotational pattern of three regions in the continental US. Each SALC member is asked to serve on any of the five subcommittees: Conference Planning, Education, Executive, Industry Interchange, and Marketing and Membership.

If you wish to view the members of the SALC committee, please view the full list at the IES website under the Street and Area Lighting Committee at http://www.ies.org/committees/committee_view_all.cfm

IES Contacts
Conference information
Nicole DeGirolamo, Events Coordinator P: 212-248-5000 x118 or send email
Anastasia DeLeone, Membership Services P: 212-248-5000 x101 or send email

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