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Awards and Services

The IES recognizes outstanding individuals through a variety of award programs. They are described as follows:

Society Awards for Technical and Service Achievement
Medal award (technical) / Louis B. Marks Award (service) / Distinguished Service Award (service) / Fellow (technical)

Regional Awards for Technical and Service Achievement
Regional Service Award / Regional Technical Award

Section Awards
Meritorious Section Award / Section Service Award

Illumination Awards
Public Recognition of professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design

Outstanding paper published in LD+A or presented at Annual Conference
Taylor Technical Talent Award

Grants and Scholarships
Howard Brandston Student Lighting Design Education Grant
Besal Fund
Richard Kelly Grant
Robert E. Thunen Memorial Scholarships
Sylvian R. Shemitz Memorial Scholarship
Emerging Professionals Sponsorship
Young Professionals Scholarship Fund (students and new professionals)

Member designation
Emeritus (Long term membership designation) PDF | Word

  • Retired
    1. A Retired Member shall be or have been an individual member who has retired from regular occupation in a business or profession. A Retired Member shall have at least twenty (20) years of membership in the Society, and the number of years of such membership plus the member's age shall total seventy-five (75).
    2. A Retired Member shall be entitled to serve only in a Section's elective office, but is entitled to appointment to Committee(s) within the Society and to all other current privileges of the Society.

Forms are available in PDF format that requires Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe.

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