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Distinguished Service Award

Nomination Form: PDF

The Distinguished Service Award shall be presented in recognition of continuous dedicated service to the Society, principally of a non-technical nature, having significantly furthered the purpose for which the Society was founded, and continued over a number of years in various programs and activities at, typically, regional and international levels. The Distinguished Service Award was established in 1967.


  1. A candidate shall have performed at least fifteen (15) years of continuous dedicated service to the Society as a member or, in unusual and rare occasions, as a non-member or a member of less than fifteen (15) years service.
  2. No restrictions as to classification of membership.
  3. Prior recognition by the Society in either Honors or Offices shall neither qualify nor disqualify any nominee.


  1. All nominations must be submitted completely filled out on the Distinguished Service Award nomination form and must be accompanied by three letters from individuals supporting the nomination. No current member of the Distinguished Service Award Committee or the IES Board of Directors may serve as a nominator, proposer, or reference for the nomination. The form is available at the link located at the top of this page.
  2. The letters should include details of the candidate's accomplishments relative to the criteria of the award. The Distinguished Service Award Committee evaluates candidates on the information submitted.
  3. The deadline for receipt of the official nomination form at the IES office is March 1. Nominations received after that date will be held for consideration the following year. Proposers will be advised on or about June 1 regarding the results of their nomination.

The Award

The award is a 14kt. gold lapel pin and a certificate presented at the IES Annual Conference.


Please contact the Chairperson of the Distinguished Service Award Committee or the IES office.

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