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Jennifer Marotta Collin Becomes IES Director of Member Services

Improving IES Governance

February 10, 2017 
IES Members,

As you have heard a number of times from our Board, Executive Vice President, and me, this truly is an exciting timse for our Society. The type and number of changes that we are going through are forward-looking and will create an infrastructure that positions IES for great success. As a Board we are focused on improving our governance. Some of these improvements include:

  • Updated Bylaws – Rooted in a comprehensive review by legal counsel and an independent business consultant, revised Bylaws will be presented to the membership for approval as part of the Annual Membership Meeting ballot. The revised Bylaws bring our Society in-line with best practices, ensure that our operations remain in accordance with NY State not-for-profit laws, provide increased clarity as to the powers of the members, and give the Board the flexibility needed to allow for the future growth and success of IES.
  • IES Standards Committee – The new IES Standards Committee oversees the activities of the technical committees to ensure that all ANSI approved processes, as defined in the IES Technical Committees Policies and Procedures document, have been followed specific to the standards consensus process. This committee is responsible to the Board to ensure that IES Standards are consistent with the IES Board of Directors policies and strategic plan. Prior to the establishment of this committee, this was a function of the Board, but now we are able to direct this to role to the committee. We now have the ability to provide a higher degree of oversight and public input to the standards development process, while maintaining Board focus on governance and strategy for our Society.
  • IES Staff – The changes that you are seeing at the IES staff level have been two years in the making, and position us for great success. Our focus is to align the staff skillset and experience with our strategic plan and goals. Ensuring that our Technical and Membership departments are equipped to secure the longevity of our Society is a priority, and investments made in the Education department will increase the value of your membership.

We undertake these changes knowing that one of lighted environment’s most essential characteristics is a willingness to adapt and change. In pursuing these changes for IES, we take inspiration from being part of a community whose members have been willing and eager to envision new possibilities for themselves, their companies, the industry, and our Society.

I always enjoy interacting with our membership, and can be reached at shirley.coyle@cree.com. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming IES event.

Shirley Coyle
IES President

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